Sean Heydon & The Magic Circle

Our friend and BGT star Sean Heydon has announced that tonight he will be holding a zoom lecture to Magic Circle members across the world. This is a fantastic achievement and I am sure you will join us here at Abracadabra Blow in congratulating Sean.

Tonight will be a career highlight for me!

As a primary school kid who was fascinated with magic. My Welsh Grandparents would tell me stories about their friend who was a professional magician ‘Trevor Lewis’.I somehow managed to find out ‘TL’s address and I wrote to him. He in turn replied and and told me about ‘The Magic Circle’. I would have been 10at the time.I then wrote to ‘TMC’ asking to become a member! Chris Pratt replies to me informing me that I needed to wait until I was 18… which of course I did!

It was a dream come true to become a member of the worlds most prestigious magic society.So with this in mind… You will understand how proud I am to be lecturing via Zoom to my Magic Circle peers world wide tonight!I just had a chat with a representative from TMC who informed me how many messages he had received from members looking forward to tonight. I told him that the pleasure really is all mine.

Sean Heydon


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