ChatterFox – Wayne’s Latest Lecture!

How many times have you been asked to show some magic, just caught off guard? We can imagine it’s a lot.. and if we are right then we have something for you.

Wayne Fox has been a professional magician for over 25 years, he is a member of the inner magic circle and if that isn’t impressive enough he was also awarded the ‘Gold Star’ for his elite level of performance.

Wayne is a fantastic performer with flawless close-up magic is a combination of sleight of hand, unbelievable misdirection and psychological suggestion.

In between performing and creating new magic ideas he is also a lecturer. With his latest lecture titled Chatterfox, where Wayne lifts the lid on how to make your magic memorable to your audiences, keeping peoples attention during lengthy routines and generally sharing his wisdom to the masses.

In between all this Wayne found a little time to chat to Abracadabra Blow!

Hi Wayne, thank you for sparing us a little time, let’s go back to the beginning! How old were you when you first got into magic? I was about 9 years old  My grandad showed me some Christmas cracker magic tricks, and my Mum bought me a magic book from a school book club. 

Do you have a favourite magic trick to perform?  It’s hard to choose or even single out one piece of magic. But I do enjoy clever misdirection and sleight of hand.

And your most difficult trick to perform? I think coin magic is considered to be a more difficult type of magic to learn, I love coin magic.

On average how long does it take you to learn a new trick? It rather depends on the effect and whether it is technically demanding. Plus, how much time you are willing to commit to the practising

Have you ever botched a trick in front of an audience and how did you handle that? I’m very careful in the selection of affects that I perform for people, and I always make sure that I have several outs that I can rely on in case anything does go wrong. I can’t really afford to let down any clients, so I make sure that I don’t ‘Botch up’ 

Do you have a most embarrassing moment? Can’t tell you, that’s why it’s embarrassing. 

What’s the best thing about being a magician?  I’m doing something that makes me happy, performing. 

And the worst?  There is nothing bad about it, otherwise I simply wouldn’t do it. I’m a very strong believer in spending as little time possible doing things you don’t like doing. Then doing all the things you love doing for as long as possible.

Who’s your favourite magician? I have several magicians you have become good friends of mine and mentors. Andy Nyman and I have been friends for years and have had some extremely interesting conversations on magic . Geoff Ray is a mentor to me, incredibly clever sleight of hand expert.  Bobby Bernard’s coin magic was flawless and I had many lessons with him. David Penn and I have a remarkable way of creating magic ideas, we gel very well, great friend too 

Bruce Smith of Marvin’s Magic fame, a dear friend and an extraordinary thought pattern towards his presentation of magic, you must see his lecture. 

Do you enjoy watching others performing and what goes through your mind when you watch magic? Yes, because I am co-presenter of the wizard magic review, I get to see an awful lot of magic. In terms of seeing other people perform, of course if it’s good magic and they have a good persona then it’s brilliant.

How many shows do you do a year? I get booked for all kinds of different functions from weddings to corporate events. However I always do one big stage show myself every two years

What’s your preferred size audience to perform for? Do you prefer intimate or large scale events? Obviously I love standing up in front of 2000 people performing magic. But my first love of magic is close-up magic, and I don’t think you are going to beat being surrounded by 20 people screaming and shouting because of the magic you show them

Most rewarding career moment? I’m very fortunate that I have actually had many successes in my career. Receiving my Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star for Performance was an incredible achievement for me. Receiving a standing ovation for my lecture to full theatre at The Magic Circle was another. Touring with Darcy Bussell 

Worst fail you have ever seen? Numerous magicians stabbing themselves through the hand with spikes under plastic cups 🙂

Wayne, thank you for your time spent with us! Readers go check out Waynes website

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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