Cover Yourself As An Entertainer

Interacting with your audience is one of the most important things as a magician. It’s what many of us have missed over the past 12 months, the interaction with your spectators. Acknowledgement from your audience is what helps spread the word on your business, a good show, a good review, all helps with your professional growth.

As a professional magician you’ll need a reliable business insurance policy, that will help to protect yourself from risks associated with your business/performances. Working in the entertainments industry it’s important to make sure that you are fully insured, as we all know working alongside the general public poses many risks to both yourself and others, and unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong.

Public Liability Insurance is the most popular form for a performer, cover provides protection in case someone who works for your business (for example YOU) injures or damages a member of the public or their property. Suppose you use a ring or a watch of one of your audience members and the trick goes wrong and their property gets damaged?!

If the audience member then claims against your business and are awarded damages, your Public Liability insurance would cover the costs including legal fees that may occur in defending a claim.

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common insurance policy elements.

There seem to be many different companies out there that offer Public Liability Insurance, from small independent companies to large insurance companies you will be familiar with.

If you aren’t covered then please do take a look with a quick google search before we get back out there performing live!

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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