Did you know you can print your own magic?

Those of you who have read the ‘About Us’ page of our website will know that I work full time in additive manufacturing. What’s that you might ask, well if I say 3D Printing would you have heard of that terminology?

To give you a brief overview, 3D Printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file, you can print in many different materials from plastics, metal powder, carbon fibre, ceramics and even paper.

I have discovered that 3D Printing is a brilliant tool for a magician, having a printer at home to print your own props, tricks and gimmicks can allow you the freedom to create and customise.

Designers around the globe are creating digital files every day and loading to websites such as Thingiverse, which offers a file download service if you aren’t too sure on the CAD designing yourself, however there are so many software programs that offer tutorials everyone can be a pro in no time!

My three favourite tricks available to download to print are:

Cup for Cups and Balls Magic Trick by DRJONE5

Magic Coin Disappearing Trick by AZDawg

Ultimate Magic Wand with Tricks by Mfurball

3D Printers can start from a few hundred pounds and the sky really is the limit with how much you could spend!

So why not have a look into getting yourself started with your own printing, and if you already print we would love to hear from you!

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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