I was Born to be a Magician

Justin Miller was just 5 years old when his dad performed the Four Robbers card trick. From that moment on he was hooked, believing that everyone needs to experience what he was experiencing at that moment. It would take the rest of his life to tease that out but it really was a calling.

Justin is a very busy man, from running 3 shows a week (prior to Covid), appearing on SyFy for the show Wizard Wars which gained 2.2million viewers and currently running many, many zoom lectures, he has been a major force in this online world we have found ourselves in!

Amongst his packed schedule Justin managed to find time to answer just a few questions for us, we really enjoyed the insight and hope you to do!

Do you have a favourite magic trick? I really dislike the word favourite. It’s a cage word. It does not allow thoughts outside of the subject matter. I do not have a fav colour or movie or song etc. So, the best thing I can say is whatever effect or idea or plot I am working on at the MOMENT is my most cherished one. So, I have a lot of CHERISHED effects. For mediation and therapy, it’s John Ramsay’s Cylinder and Coins.

Most difficult trick? I truly do not have anything like that. I can do every effect I have ever created, or others created very very well. But that comes with and from a discipline of MAJOR practice sessions DAILY. Remember I’ve been in the craft since I was 5, VERY seriously since I was 10.I am 45 this year. So I have been doing this for a long time. 🙂

On average how long does it take you to learn a new trick? Great question- it really is different with each effect I create. I see the image in my head and then I see the method right behind it, then it’s teasing out the process, figuring out the right props, moves, gimmicks if needed. So, with each effect it’s totally a different time process and time.

Have you ever botched a trick in front of an audience and how did you handle that? Oh NEVER 🙂 OF COURSE I HAVE! I love it:) I LOVE those moments, it’s where you learn to improv, you learn how to handle a situation like that. My advice FAIL FAIL FAIL. It is the ONLY way to get better.

Most embarrassing moment? I was doing Kevin James’ BEAUTIFUL effect The Floating rose when I was young and that was back in the day when girls wore 2 tons of hairspray in their hair. So, as you can already imagine. I was trying to get this girl’s attention and I did the trick out in the middle of a movie theatre when the paper was lit on fire SHE LEANED OVER the rose, and WHOOSH. You saw her hair just go up like an electrical shock. She had black dots at the end of each strand of hair. Suffice to say we did NOT hook up:)

What’s the best thing about being a magician? We get to peel back some of the mystery of life and gently hand it over to each observer, not the secrets just the MOMENT OF ASTONISHMENT that they have forgotten due to everything that bombards people’s lives.4 (as Papa Paul Harris coined)

“We are the music makers; we are the dreamers of dreams” Willy Wonka

And the worst thing about being a magician? THIEVES

Career goals and aspirations – I am living my dream out every day. I have created over 4k effects. I have worked in tv, movies and I consult and have consulted for some of the biggest KNOWN names in the industry. I teach private sessions on my site and I create effects that are performed in every single continent.

Who’s your favourite magician? When I want to get inspired I go back to Dell Ray, Roth, Goshman, Slydini, Kurtz etc…

Do you enjoy watching others performing and what goes through your mind when you watch magic? I do. I LOVE watching GOOD magic. I love watching ideas come together. My brain sees methods but I am still able to get fooled. It is very rare now BUT I LOVE when it happens. I also LOVE LOVE watching BAD magic:)

How many shows do you do a year? Well, before COVID I was doing close to 3 shows a week that were private. Now NADA. However, I have created 13 effects that have been BEST sellers during covid, did 33 ZOOM lectures and have been a MAJOR force in the online game.

What’s your preferred size audience to perform for? Do you prefer intimate or large scale events? Close up/ Parlor Showrooms. I Love all audience sizes. But a PERFECT size would be about 100.

Most rewarding career moment? I have been very fortunate to have MANY rewarding moments.Playing The Castle, being nominated 2 times for close up magician of the year and lecturer of the year. Being seen by 2.2 million people on SyFy for the show Wizard Wars. I have been very fortunate.

Worst fail you have ever seen? Jibrizy. Rick Lax. Justin Flom.

How diverse do you see the magic industry? Very. I am so damn sick of people making a big thing out of this subject in our craft. We have women, men and children of ALL shades of the rainbow. Magic is very diverse because it does NOT discriminate. People do. Magic is a LIVING BREATHING entity that welcomes all into it’s fold. It just asks that you KEEP THE SECRETS.BE ETHICAL. and DO NOT STEAL OTHERS IDEAS AND ROUTINES.

Justin, thank you for your time, we are honoured.

You can view Justin’s work, purchase tricks and sign up for classes over at www.mentalsights.com

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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