Magic With A Twist

Using magic to engage, entertain and educate is a true skill as I am sure you will all agree. Taking magic into schools and showcasing key environmental issues is genius in our eyes.

Megan Swann does exactly this!

Megan believes it is absolutely essential that children learn about the impacts humans have on the planet. She designed her ‘Green Magic Show’ to help spread the word about key environmental issues in a fun and engaging way…helping to save the Earth through magic!

The show is jam-packed full of magic tricks specially designed to surprise, amaze and engage everyone who watches, all whilst teaching the basic facts about about major environmental issues. It provides an overview of five major areas: climate change, ocean pollution, waste, species extinctions and deforestation. 

Designed to inspire children to care for the environment, the overarching message is a positive one: every little action they take can make a big difference. 
The show is currently aimed at Key Stage 2 students (thats age 7-11 year olds) , but can be adapted to suit older children. Take a look at the short video below to find out more

We think this idea is literally magic! Educating, spreading the world and helping children is what it’s all about.

Keep up the good work Megan!

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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