The 4 Core Magic Tricks Every Magician Should Practice and Master

The Merchant of Magic has 20,000+ magic tricks to choose from, which makes it extra hard choosing which one to spend your valuable practice time on. It’s quite common for visitors to ask the team if there is a small selection of tricks that they rate above all else.. There is. And these core magic tricks have nothing to do with being ‘Hot and New’.

There are a handful of tricks that are essential core training for every close up magician (arguably even the stage and mentalist performers too) as part of their ‘schooling’ or ‘learning the chops’. These tricks are impressive in and of themselves, but they also act as a springboard to introduce a whole range of skills such as acting, misdirection, stagecraft, audience management, and presentation into the practice program of the magicians wise enough to study them.

Here’s the 4 tricks that Dominic Reyes from the Merchant of Magic personally recommends to the magicians that come to me for coaching. They are NOT ‘new’ and they are not ‘hot’, but they are 100% the REAL DEAL when it comes to learning magic.

Cards: The Ambitious Card
This isn’t really a single trick, it’s a whole range of ‘phases’ that build into a routine. It’s entertaining, practical, and from a practice point of view, it’s perfect for learning several forces, misdirection techniques and of course… The Double Lift. I especially like the way that the effect is repeated over and over, each time with a different presentation and method.. It forces the student to think about how card magic needs energy working up to a climax. The ambitious card is a complete course in card magic all by itself.

Rope: Fiber Optics Extended
Rope magic can be very strong for adult audiences, and the techniques you will learn as you master a good rope routine, will ripple out across the whole of your work. I love Richard Sanders teaching in the Fibre optics, DVD, and it’s one of the first routines I ask students to study. It’s quite a journey to slowly add in all the phases, but that’s as rewarding as it is entertaining. I can’t recommend this enough.

Coins: Coins Across
I started out with coin magic, and it’s been my life long love. A good coins across is a fine example of core magic tricks that teach audience control, misdirection and down and out cheek. It’s not easy, but then again… You really should start working on something that’s going to ‘push you’ as soon as possible.. I find that magicians that take the time to work on the 4 or 5 core sleights in coin magic, tend to do well across all other fields. The skills learned as you present magic with coins, are not only unique to coins, but also, once mastered, they can transfer to your general sleight of hand too.

Sponge Balls: In the hands
Very easy to learn, yet a basic sponge ball routine will show you how one trick can be presented in so many different ways to different people.. Just through the power of approach and presentation.. This is a great way to step into sleight of hand. This will teach things that simply can’t be.

You can find all of these magic tricks, plus DVD’s, instant downloads over on the site, don’t forget to use our link for your 10% discount on anything you purchase!

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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