The World’s Toughest Card Trick by Will Fern

They freely choose the card. They shuffle the deck. You find it behind your back. Is this next level sleight of hand? Is this something only a master can perform? Is this a pipe dream? No. This is the World’s Toughest Card Trick by Will Fern.

Here’s what happens: A deck of cards is genuinely shuffled by the audience. The magician decides to ramp the difficulty up and perform the trick entirely behind their back. With the cards held behind their back, the magician has the spectator freely select a card. The audience member then places the card back in the deck and gives the deck a couple of shuffles. The magician retrieves the cards from the spectator, and while still holding them behind their back dramatically removes a card from the deck. Unfortunately, the magician has failed to find the selected card. When the magician turns back around, all it takes is a magical gesture for the card to transform into the selected card.

The best part about the trick is that it’s incredibly easy to do. Will Fern has used this trick to delight audiences all over the country and also to fool hundreds of magicians. You’ll get detailed instructions from Will on how to make the special gimmick that allows you to perform this trick. You’ll keep this utility gimmick in your deck at all times to perform this trick at a moment’s notice. This is the trick Will performs at walk around events when he wants to gather a crowd. Give your audience the one-two punch with Will Fern’s World’s Toughest Card Trick.

This is a great trick and one which will blow the minds of both spectators and magicians alike, however, the trick will only work if you have to have a spectator who can riffle shuffle and unfortunately not all audience members can do this. If you’re hopping from group to group, or table to table you will sometimes be hard pressed to find someone who can actually riffle shuffle, so kids for example will probably not be able to participate. Audience assessment is needed before you can perform this trick so don’t think you can just pull out a deck in the middle of a restaurant and perform it, you may not be able too so a back up plan will be needed!

Putting this aside, the $9.95 price tag is nothing to be missed, to have this trick in your arsenal is a definate mind blower so get it ordered, get practising and let us here at Abracadabra Blow know what you think! 🙂

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