Where would we be without the Creators?

Normand Beauchamp is a French Canadian, a creator of magic tricks and illusions.

Since 2008 Normand has been designing, manufacturing and selling his creations around the world via his website Normek Magic & Illusions

He is keen to stress that although he designs and manufacturers magic, he is not a professional magician and is just a retired chap who used to have a career in aeronautics as a pre-flight quality inspector.

Studying magic in all forms for over 30 years Normand is always trying to bring a new trick or new effect to the maximum of its magical ability.

Something he likes to call the WOW EFFECT.

Only when he has completed the trick and has accomplished something he deems interesting, will he share it with all the magicians in the world.

His ambition is to have his products known and shared in the magic community worldwide!

Creating magic is a time-consuming affair, however the lovely Normand managed to spare a little of his time to share an insight into his world.

Normand how old were you when you first got into magic? I must have been 6 or 7 years old; my parents had bought an encyclopedia and there was a section about prestidigitation with a few simple tricks. For me, it was a revelation, I was completely fascinated.

What inspired you to learn magic?  Knowing something secret that not everyone knows, it brings me a kind of satisfaction.

Do you have a favourite magic trick? I really like multiplying bottles, it’s very clever.

Normand’s Latest Creation, GHOSTWRITER

Do you have a  most difficult trick? Card manipulation. I don’t control it at all.

Who is your favorite magician? Shin Lim of course. I think he masters his art and is very creative.

Do you enjoy watching others performing and what goes through your mind when you watch magic? I do enjoy watching other magicians performing even when I know the tricks. I let myself be lulled by the performance like a child.

Most rewarding career moment? I dream that one day, my creations will be performed by the greatest magicians in our industry, it will be a very proud moment for me.

Whats the biggest restriction when creating tricks?  What discourages me a little is when I have an idea of a magic trick and I realize that it cannot be built because of physical restrictions, equipment or that it is simply impossible to achieve.

How diverse do you see the magic industry? With the internet, social media and new technologies, our industry is changing, modernising. There are tons of new ideas emerging and new creations for the greater good of magic.

I’m constantly in creative mode. in the next few months, I should produce something never seen before and it should be a jaw dropping effect!

Normand Beauchamp

Thank you Normand, its been a pleasure – please keep us posted on the new tricks and illusions!!

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper

Married to Antony, Mum to our children. Full time working in media for over 20 years, part time writer and assistant to Antony, which I guess makes me a magicians assistant :-)


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